Ice Machines for Restaurants

View our selection of ice machines for restaurants, choose from nugget ice or cube ice to find your perfect machine below to keep drinks cooler for longer and maintain customer satisfaction.

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Ice Machines for Your Restaurant at ICE4

An ice maker that can meet your establishment’s needs can play an essential part of your restaurant business. Ice machines can keep your drinks cold, your kitchen organised, and customers happy. Not only do customers expect to find ice in their drinks, but it is also important for food preparation.

Which Ice Machine is Right for Your Restaurant?

When deciding which ice machine is the correct fit for your business, you’ll need to decide whether you want a nugget or a cube ice machine.

  • Nugget ice is great for use in cocktails and other mixed drinks that require lots of ice, plus can help with food preparation in the kitchen thanks to its shape which allows it to be malleable.
  • Cube ice is best for general use for cold drinks as it melts slowly, so its the perfect accompaniment to soft drinks and long drinks, as it excels at keeping customer’s drinks cooler for longer.

Once decided on the type of ice, you must then consider its production capacity. How much ice does your restaurant use on a daily basis? The last thing you want is to end up with an ice machine for your restaurant that can’t manage the demand. Luckily, here at ICE4 we stock ice machines from 30kg to 650kg and offer both modular, and self-contained ice machines to fit any area of your restaurant.

Why Do Restaurants Require Different Ice Machines?

Nugget ice and cube ice offer different cooling solutions making them perfect for different areas of the restaurant. Nugget ice for the kitchen and cocktail making, cubed for long drinks or general use.

Size and shape can also play a part as to why restaurants may need different machines, a smaller restaurant or bar area would benefit from a smaller, undercounter machine. A large kitchen would be able to fit a large, self-contained machine that can store its ice production throughout the day.

Produce up to 650kg of ice per day with our selection of ice machines for restaurants, the perfect cooling solution to maintain customer satisfaction. ICE4 has an array of ice machines that can meet your restaurant’s ice needs and make your restaurant more efficient.